Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Musings

I woke up this morning and felt that the pain in my neck has sort of moved to my right shoulder. What did I do to make the pain come back?I have no idea...I haven't been doing my arm exercises, just my walks and the stationary bike. Oh well at least I'm not getting the nasty headaches I've gotten in connection with the neck.

After reading Barbara's post over at The Furry Mind where she asks if blogging was worth the effort, I started to wonder how many of you out there read this blog. I signed up for Site Meter, the free version ,I'm curious but not curious enough to pay for the extra services. I know I'm guilty of reading blogs and not commenting but then I remember how much I enjoy these blogs and how nice it is when I get comments, so I will make it a mission to leave a note.

Anyways I leave you with another version of Simplicity 4076. I used up a 1 yard remnant from Metro Textiles. This time I used the honeycomb stitch in my Bernina for the hems, I think it nicely echos the print design.

Have a great weekend full of sewing time!


  1. really nice shirt.

  2. I read your blog religiously, Sis! LOL! I've even started taking sewing lessons. More on that later, tho.

  3. This is beautiful! I love the stitch you used too.

    I read you blog all the time!!! (Even if I don't always comment)

  4. Love your fabric. You turned it into a great top.

  5. fine. no more lurking for me!

  6. I do read your blog, Lisette - have had to put my blog reading on hold for a few months, but I am now back with a vengeance :)

    Beautiful top!

  7. That is a fun stitch! I like the top, too.


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