Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burda dress update

I got some time this past week to work on my dress and all I have left is the hem. This dress has a side zipper which I had never done before. I look at some of my rtw tops that have them and they are installed upside down (the zipper opening up all the way to the hem) which makes sense to keep the tab away from your underarm. With a dress however having the whole side seam open would take a mighty long zipper. So anyways I installed per the instructions and it feels just fine in the underarm.

Burda's instructions for finishing the armholes with a bias strip (as described by Melissa recently) are wonderful. I use them in all my sleeveless garments.

This dress also has a side split. I finished my seams with store bought seam binding using the color I had on hand but for the split I cut bias strips of the linen to bind the seam allowance.

School is finally out and although I will still have to work my interpreting load is much lighter yay!! Now to keep the kids entertained...


  1. Pretty, pretty! Your seams look wonderful.

  2. Your invisible zip is really professional looking! I have to try that sometime!


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