Saturday, June 05, 2010

A surprise gift

Edited to add some clarification to the illustrations I showed.

A few weeks ago we visited my mother in law, and as always we left behind some things. Yesterday we received a package with our forgotten things and a few surprises. I am thrilled to have received her sewing book "Sewing made easy" by Mary Lynch with a copyright date of 1952.

I love the introduction "This is a book for the modern woman,..." And the illustrations! There is a note thanking Simplicity for the use of their patterns.

Illustrating how not to elongate your figure more if you are tall

I started to sew on my MIL's Singer(1950's vintage). When I moved to my present home I needed curtains and she offered me her machine since it had been many years since she had used it. I had it cleaned and fixed and it served me quite a few years until I got my Bernina.

Illustrating how "if you have an average figure" to "keep proportions according to your figure"

I am thrilled with this new addition to my sewing library!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments you left on my orange dress post. You are the best!!


  1. I love new (old) sewing books.
    That was very nice of her to give you this one :)

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I was looking at the third photo, the one with the two dresses labeled "right" and "wrong." What principle were they trying to illustrate?

    And I liked the bit about wearing short socks and how wonderful that they might make you look shorter. Huh?


  3. That's the best gift ever, lucky you!

  4. I have this book to and it is wonderful addition to my sewing library. I know you will enjoy it!

  5. Oh I have this little book too! I love it!! It has some really great info in it, and its just a cool peek into the time period. I picked it up at the flea market a few years ago, in perfect condition with dust jacket!


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