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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving on

While I ponder what to wear with my Simplicity skirt I started the next project on my (mental) list. Can you believe I have never used linen? Don't know why, maybe because summers are so busy and I usually don't sew much then. I have had this linen for a long time and I have a lot of it (5 yards/60 inches wide), I bought it during a Michael's Fabrics sale. The fabric is wonderfully soft and drapey (I did wash it following Sandra Betzina's directions in Fabric Savvy). After sewing the darts I basted the side seams and shoulders to try it on and I have no ease on the waist so I have to go back and give myself some room. One thing that I thought it was weird is that Burda printed the ease at hip without taking in the darts, how helpful is that?

I started knitting the above dress. This was not planned, evil Elann had the yarn on sale and I fell in love with the design, and a few days later pattern book and yarn was in my hands. The lace pattern is a 20 row repeat but not difficult, it really looks pretty in person, the picture does not do it service. The above was frogged (rip it rip it) because of not enough hip ease. I'm having a hard time getting an accurate gauge for this project...but I'll persevere.

Today is my last Spanish tutoring session with the kids I have been seeing for almost two years, I'll miss them since they are not taking Spanish next year. I'm planning on a Cuban flavored snack for them so I'm glad I have no interpreting jobs today. Later on I'll be helping my son coach (more like trying to keep them focused since I will have no advice to offer) his ultimate frisbee team since my husband is traveling, wish me luck.

One last random comment...A robin decided to make a nest on the wreath by my front door and we were all super excited, careful not to get close so as not disturb mom and eggs. Sadly she abandoned the nest, as you can see the eggs never hatched. They have been there now for months I wanted to make sure she wasn't coming back before taking the wreath down and taking pictures. Aren't they just perfect?


  1. Oooooo, I can't wait to see that work of art in linen. It's really good so far. I have a questions for you. Is it better to get Fabric Savvy or More Fabric Savvy? It looks like More Fabric Savvy might have the same information as the first book but with a little bit more information.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I first had Fabric Savvy and I was perfectly happy with it. When More Fabric Savvy came out I bought it and gave the other book to my mom. I honestly don't recall the differences, both books look the same but I guess there is a little bit more info in the revision it is just not obvious. I think you would do fine with either one.

  3. Thank you so much for the info. I'll probably get the newer version then. By the way, love the new knitting project.

  4. I'm a bit the same way. Too many projects at various stages and needing to choose where to focus. I see you are a Spanish tutor. Maybe you could help this poor Aussie (where Spanish speakers are few) to translater her Patrones instructions?

  5. Gail, it will be my pleasure to help you out with your Patrones projects!

  6. Those robin's eggs are so pretty. So sad that mom didn't come back!

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