Friday, July 16, 2010

Gone hiking

So I have been teased endlessly by my family (yes all males) about my "stylish" hiking boots. But seriously if you were presented with two pairs, priced the same, both comfortable and both perfectly suited for the job, wouldn't you pick the pretty pair? These have been worn and they are very comfortable, I feel confident my feet won't be bothering during our hikes in Yellowstone this week. How excited are we you ask? Very!!!!

With all the trip preparations going on these past week I lost my sewing mojo and the Patrones top is still not completely cut out. But as you can see I caught the Granny Square bug so I have been crocheting instead. My knitting needles will go in my luggage so that I can work on the sleeves of the Louisa Harding dress, when we are relaxing indoors.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, I'll be enjoying the cooler temperatures of Montana!

PS: I just found out we will have WIFI in our cabins so I will probably post at least once from there.


  1. Oohh! Hiking, pretty boots, Yellowstone and WiFi. Life couldn't be any better!! Have fun Lisette.

  2. Who *wouldn't* choose the pretty pair? have fun! In a funny coincidence, my parents are have their vacation in the area right now as well.


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