Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A little bit of crocheting

This crochet rug has been finished for quite a while, at least a year, and it waited in a bag to be sewn together. It is made with Lion Brand Kitchen cotton and I think I also used Peaches and Creme cotton. The pattern is free now, I paid for it many years ago. I made it using colors in my kitchen so it would give my knees some help while I do dishes. My husband says it won't last clean and he is probably right but I'm willing to give it a try.

I decided the rug needed to be finish because I fell in love with the Flowers in the Snow blanket. This blanket with the flower-like Granny squares in its white background makes me so happy! I know is another item whose practicality comes into question, but so far making this flowers has been a joy and an addiction. I am waiting for some more yarn with brighter shades of the colors I already have, this flowers are not happy enough for me yet! If you are on Ravelry the designer has more pictures of the blanket. Finding cotton blend DK/Sport weight yarn has been hard, so far I have used three sources to find a variety of colors. The great thing about this pattern is that you make your flower centers and then crochet them together while you work the final round in your choice of color background (in my case it will be white like the original)
In sewing news, I traced a Patrones top that needs the seam allowances added and then I can cut it out.


  1. Practicality is highly overrated - the flowers are so pretty and if it makes you happy to make them, then that's reason enough right there.

    Are you going to show us which Patrones pattern you're working on? Inquiring minds want to know these thinsg.

  2. Glad to meet a fellow crocheter, even though I haven't tackled anything as big as your rug for a while. The flowers in snow pattern looks gorgeous!

  3. I love the rug and just added it to my favorites. Thanks. I agree with Karen, the flowers are pretty, and we should make what makes us happy.


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