Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

So how can I describe the natural beauty that surrounded me this past week? Words fail me...and remember I speak two languages. All I can say if that you enjoy the outdoors this area is a must see.

view from our cabin/cabin

We stayed outside a little town in Montana, Cooke City about 5 minutes outside the Northeast entrance to the park. If you could drive at 60 mi/hr through town it would past you in a minute. We had no cell phone coverage and at our cabin we had intermittent wifi. It was wonderful to be disconnected, really.

First breakfast in Cooke City, temp 50s in the morning and night, high of 70s during the day, zero humidity

We did a lot of driving, and we covered most of the park except for the southeast corner. We saw thermal pools, geysers, we did wonderful hikes (at least one a day) and we visited Cody, Wyoming for a change of pace. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

View on the road, at least once a day

Chromatic Thermal Pool, the color comes from living organisms!

I hiked up a mountain!(Specimen Trail)

Enlarge this picture to see DH and DS2 on top of the mountain at the Petrified Wood forest!

Two spots of the Beaver Ponds Trail, the wildflowers were amazing!

Enlarge to see bison in the background

Beautiful Canyon hike

At the Roosevelt Gate

Next post will be by a guest blogger who will relate a funny encounter (although not at the time) Stay tuned!


  1. Ahh that brought me back to our Yellowstone trips. Thanks for letting me have a minute of vacationtime with you, Lisette! And a guest blogger?! How fun!

  2. Those pictures are SO gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW such gorgeous landscapes.
    Looks like it was a perfect vacation.

  4. love the pictures....oh how I want to go back...about 11 years ago my daughter and I worked a 6 month season at Grand Tetons..from May to October...it was a wonderful adventure we shared...spent many days in Yellowstone ohhh the adventure of it all...everyone should see it and experience it...thanks...


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