Friday, November 12, 2010

A Burda skirt

Oops! I neglected to say that this is Burda Style 11-2009 #120

Like most of us I buy RTW to fill certain holes in my wardrobe but one item I refuse to buy is a skirt. Skirts are so easy to make plus I can make them fit my waist AND my hips. Right now I have an olive cotton pencil Patrones skirt that I reach for all the time so I thought I needed to add at least another "go with almost everything skirt".

I love the above skirt, I think it will look fantastic with boots. I have the wool tweed in the hot dryer with towels, trying Pam's method for pre-shrinking that everyone raves about.

Later I will let you see the wool, it is really gorgeous. I bought it at PA Fabric Outlet before it closed in Catonsville, MD.

Hope you have a sewing weekend!


  1. Great skirt pattern!

  2. Great skirt! I love front inverted pleat skirts, they're marvelous for bike-riding. Which pattern is this?

  3. very cute!!


  4. Great skirt! Love the pockets and the pleat.

  5. Your skirt is very pretty. I agree, that skirts are so easy to make--why buy? I loved, absolutely LOVE your Wrapture jacket! I want.

  6. Beautiful skirt. I love the pleats, and what pretty fabric.

  7. I made this skirt. A quick tip - the tweed in a double pleat at the front is quite heavy and the weight tends to pull it down at the front and pull the pleat open. In my case this was worse because I have a sway back. In other words you need a very good fit on the waist and hips to hold the weight of the pleat satisfactorily. Having said that, this is now one of my favorite skirts (I've made it twice already). Very comfortable and warm, and I think it saved my skin in last winter's icy blasts.

  8. Thanks for showing me this one. I love it. I think I am going to have to put this one on my list.


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