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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Separation anxiety

Yesterday I traced the above pattern from Burda Style August. I have wanted knit pants that looked stylish but had the comfort of knit to wear with boots this winter; after seeing this pattern made by Tany I decided to give it a try so I bought from a cut of their Sophia double-knit in black. I'm hoping that the fabric has a nice recovery so that the pants won't bag out at the knees.

If you are wondering at the I left my sewing machine for overdue maintenance. I had to drive 35 min to get to a certified Bernina technician and it will be gone for 7-10 days. I will use my time for doing all the prepwork for the knit pants and Paco's pattern. I keep going back and forth on what fabric to use for the jacket...I'll let you know


  1. I want to make this pattern too! I'll be anxious to see how it goes for you. Hope your fabric behaves!

  2. Someone once told me to take my machine to get serviced when I go on holidays. Makes sense, but I always seem to be sewing till the last minute before I go away! Good luck with the separation anxiety!

  3. I bought the Sophia double knit to make jeggings, but when it came it was a lighter weight than I expected for a "double knit". That looks like a great pants pattern.

  4. I have never had my machine serviced because I can't live without it. You are a strong woman.

  5. I used a knit fabric with little stretch for the blue and the blach knit versions of these pants, and the knit holds its shape without bagging... Hope you get the same resuts!


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