Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I should have made the 40

Burda Style August knit pants

I always make a 40 in Burda magazine pants, always; it fits perfectly on the hips and I have to play a bit with the waist measurement. However for this pattern since it was for a knit pant and I wanted to avoid the sausage look at all costs, I made the 42. It is too big, so I have to fix it because I LOVE this pants! And the Sophia knit from Fabric. com is fabulous! I wore this pants all day today and no bagging at the knees! The only bagging is due to the fact that the pants are big on me, but I can fix that and I will. I plan to buy more of this knit in a tan/khaki color or brown and make myself another pair.

Above and below you can see the detail of the zipper on the legs.

Here, while you can see that they are loose on me, I was hoping you could see that they have a nice shape and a very flattering flat finish over the belly.

Did I also tell you that they are extremely comfortable? I also like how the seam below the knees looks (of course it is impossible to see it in my pictures)

After I take them in I will post more pictures without the boots for a better look.


  1. Wouldn't take much to run them in. Love the overall look and fabric seems very good quality.

  2. they look awesome! and i'm super impressed with the perfectly inserted bottom zipper :-) i always have trouble getting the two sides to line up that exactly at the top

  3. Love that zip in the pants leg. Great slim pants.

  4. I love the look of these. But, I'm with you. I totally would have sized up! They are going to look awesome after you take them in.

  5. Wow, love the design and the lines of these on you. I'm in the same boat about that sizing so thanks for the heads up. I remember a Roberta Carr videotape (that's how long ago) where she kept sying "trust Burda." Guess we have to trust Burda!


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