Friday, February 18, 2011

Burda 01-2011 Number 126

I have been wanting to make this coat for a while and I remembered that I had this double sided wool/blend knit and that it would be perfect for this pattern. Of course finding the fabric took a while, I can identify with Carolyn who just wrote about being able to find fabric in your stash.

I stabilized the neckline at the back and the armholes at front and back with bias fusible tape.

I used my serger, yay!, to finish seams. Since this is a very simple pattern I wanted to show one interesting construction detail. There is a vertical dart that starts at the shoulder, close the front opening that ends a little above the bust point. I was looking at the directions thinking that they had forgotten to tell us to sew the dart, but they didn't. When attaching the collar to the back neckline you start at the center and keep sewing towards the dart and sew it in one swoop. You then do the other side the same way.

I could have used either side of this fabric and I considered using binding in the gray on the sleeves and hem. I decided that the long lines of this design would be better shown off without and I love the way it looks this way. Besides the gray peeks through all the time on the collar and when walking.

I love this coat and I highly recommend it, it is perfect for warmer days when you still feel a bit of chill.

Next up a dress from the winter My image magazine.


  1. That is such an elegant coat. Seems to have been quite easy to put together, too. Bonus!

  2. Love this coat. It looks wonderful on you.

  3. Beautiful. I've never sewn a coat- glad to see it's possible.

  4. I love your version of this coat. Soft, drapey and in a beautiful color. It looks great on you. I passed over this pattern in the magazine because the fabric it was shown in was so bulky.

  5. Love the red coat! It looks fantastic on you.

  6. This is one of those patterns that works for everyone. I agree that sometimes finding exactly the right fabric for what we want to make is sometimes the hardest part.

  7. That looks so very warm! I like that you can dress it up with any number of different kinds of belts.

  8. That looks great. Perfect length and nice and warm.


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