Saturday, February 05, 2011

A knit dress

Vogue 8663, image from Vogue Patterns site

Last week was extremely busy for me so I just did a lot of thinking about sewing. I got this cute pattern out and now is ready to be cut, I hope to have some time this weekend.

Many of you have been watching Downton Abbey and the gorgeous fashions of the time. I am obsessing about a maxi skirt and I might have found a pattern I like in my collection. I still have to find fabric in my stash so I'll post more about that later.

We were lucky last week and the worst we got was ice, no more snow came my way. Of course temperatures are still in the 20s(F) and although I'm liking a lot of the spring patterns I'm still in the mood for winter sewing. I have been wearing the coat I made last year and I've been toasty warm as well as stylish ;-)

Stay safe!


  1. I seem to miss a lot of interesting stuff since I canceled cable. Thanks for the tip about Downton Abbey - I'll be able to watch it online!

  2. We are not experiencing such extreme weather as in some places in the States, but it's cold alright and that also makes me feel like keep sewing for the winter

  3. I'm going to keep sewing cold weather clothes as long as I can stand it. There's a wool dress in my sewing room waiting for a few finishing touches. But I don't know how much longer I can stand it!!!!


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