Monday, September 26, 2011

Where did September go?

So much for September being (at least in the US) Sewing Month! Things have been slow around here, as far as sewing.

On Friday I managed to cut the Burda dress above. The temperatures around my area have gone up again so I decided to go ahead and make a sleeveless dress.

I have been trying to finish a quilt which is a gift for a newborn baby. I decided to quilt inside the rectangles and while I like how it is turning out it is taking longer to finish than I thought. Of course it doesn't help that I have been having a flare up with the back/leg pain; it's time to have some diagnostics tests done.

Stay well and happy sewing!


  1. Your sneak peak of the fabric you plan to make the dress from has left me eagerly anticipating seeing it finished - it looks lovely! I do hope your back/leg pain gets better very soon.

  2. Your new dress will be lovely, based on that little peek at the fabric. : >

  3. Yo estoy segura que este vestido va a ser maravilloso con la tela que usted eligió, aprovechar que el verano está alargándose un poco. El invierno es muy largo. Espero que se mejore pronto para ver este proyecto sobre usted.


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