Monday, December 12, 2011

Paco's half circle skirt and Vogue 1261

Photo from In Style Magazine
After finishing Paco's gorgeous skirt I wanted a new top to go with it. I had saved this picture from a In Style magazine and I decided I would replicate the look.

Paco Peralta half circle skirt Pattern Review

Isn't it gorgeous?


Working with Paco's patterns makes you feel very special. Paco hand draws every single one and clearly marks all pertinent information, both in Spanish and English. This pattern is drawn whole for single layer cutting, as you can imagine you need a very large surface to cut out the maxi! Once you see the shaping of this pattern you know you will get one fantastic looking skirt.

I cut the skirt before I started working full time on Peter Pan so it has been a while, but I believe I traced the medium and added a bit extra, since my measurements fell between these two sizes.

I used a rayon lycra jersey with a wonderful weight. Because of the weight I made sure that I stabilized the waistline with Seams Great (which gives you stability with a bit of stretch) The waistband I interfaced with weft interfacing. I let the skirt hang overnight but there was no additional stretching so I felt confident inserting the zipper and finishing the waistband once I had a good fit. I referred to Paco's tutorial for the zipper placement into the waistband. I added a lining, a tricot that I hoped would smooth everything out, and it does!

I love my skirt! I could have one in every color! I am planning many more outfits with this skirt, I hope to share them with you as I wear them.

Vogue 1261

I bought this pretty lacy sweatery knit from Gorgeous Fabrics without a plan, I just liked it, and then I knew it would be perfect to replicate the above In Style inspiration.

I had two other patterns with raglan sleeves, Burda which had the ease I was looking for since my knit is not super stretchy but I did not want a cowl and without it the neckline was too high. The other pattern (from Burda Stle magazine) had a boat neckline and very tight fitting, two style features I did not want. I did try to modify the Burda envelope pattern but got myself all confused with matching the seams at the neckline so I gave it up. Then Vogue patterns went on sale online and I found the perfect pattern with raglan sleeves and the pretty round neckline I wanted!

As you can see I did not make the uneven hemline, not that I don't like it but I just wanted a simple hem for this version. I removed some of the flare at the hem and I cut the back on the fold since I did not want to cut up my knit's cable design.

The instructions have you leave raw edges, this is not the kind of fabric for those finishes so all my hems are finished, including the neckline binding.

Looking at the pictures I'm considering taking in the side seams of the tunic for a slightly more fitted look...I'll keep you posted.

And a last picture wearing the coat I made since I left the nurse at my son's school speechless when I told her I had made it after she complemented it.


  1. Wow! Your skirt looks absolutely fantastic! Looks wonderful with the long top. I do like that look.

  2. What a graceful, beautiful skirt with lovely details. And yes, I can see why someone would be speechless over that amazing coat.

  3. Lisette--you did a beautiful job with the skirt pattern--and paired it with a lovely top--I love the color on you! The coat is stunning!

  4. Great skirt and the combo with the top really works well!

    Your coat is fabulous and deserves beign noticed.

  5. Great outfit and your skirt looks so lovely and swishy - I imagine it may get a lot of wears! I hadn't seen your original post on that coat - what a fabulous job (I'm not surprised you got such a great reaction to it).

  6. love it - that skirt is really beatifully done!

  7. Está genial Lisette !!, y con la combinación del cuerpo azul me encanta. Aprovecho ya para desearte una buena entrada de fiestas. Feliz Navidad para ti y tu familia.

  8. Fabulous!!! I can't wait to get my copy of Paco's circle skirt. And your coat looks stunning!

  9. A very elegant outfit! The skirt is beautiful. I love the drape of it. I can just imagine how nice it flows when you are walking in it. The coat is also beautifully made and looks warm too!

  10. Indeed a combination of maxi lengths looks reaaly great - the sweater has a beautiful color!

  11. I just love that long over long layered look too, and your new skirt is gorgeous!
    And your long coat is so elegant and looks so professionally finished!

  12. That is a beautiful skirt, and you are so right in style with the long over long.

  13. The skirt and top outfit is so pretty and chic. And if you have to cover it up to stay warm, your lovely coat is perfect for that.

  14. You made that coat--wow!!!!
    Your top and long skirt are lovely. I bet it would feel wonderful to waltz in that skirt. If you wanted to give more definition to the top, how about a belt?

  15. Love your skirt and the coat is lovely.

  16. Love the outfit! It seems counter-intuitive to wear long/loose over long/loose, but you are really working it here. Love the color on that sweater!


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