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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Winterizing a summer frock

I had planned on wearing this dress (Burda 5/2010 105) with a green tee in the same shade in the print, and blue tights (which I did wear). However when I put on the tee with the dress the neckline pairing did not work (don't you hate it when that happens?)and instead I pulled this lightweight black sweater whose low scooped neckline worked with the dress'. I also own purple Mary Janes that I can wear with this dress and I will get yet another look.

I hope to have something new to show in the next post!


  1. I like this, Lisette! You've managed to add some happy bright colors to a winter wardrobe while staying warm. It looks great!

  2. Purple mary janes--you *have* to do it! I love being able to wear my happy summer clothes in cold weather.

  3. Your dress looks lovely! What a fabulous print!

  4. This is such a great idea. The look is great. I would have never thought of wearing my sleeveless dress in winter... well winter here is very cold, may be in autumn I could do it. Thank you for the tip.

  5. I really love that shift and anyone that has purple maryjanes.....ooh!


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