Monday, November 28, 2011

Time to move slower

So the whirlwind that was the Peter Pan project, the family visits preparation and crazy work (Parent/Teacher conferences) has ended.

The Peter Pan performances were a success, the kids really came through and every night they were better than the night before. The flying looked fantastic and so did the sword fights. I saw every performance except one, when I baby-sat my adorable nephew so that my brother and SIL could see the play. I was on hand to fix wardrobe malfunctions and help find "lost" stuff, "my boots! I can't find my boots!", "where is my dagger?"...

And you know what? I was listed as "Seamstress"! And given "special thanks" for my "sewing expertise"! How cool is that?
Here is Peter trying to strike Tootles (aka my son) for shooting Wendy. I made all the leaf print covers in this set and of course Peter's tunic.

When I had some time this past week, well yesterday, I found a pattern I had prepared the fabric for but the weather changed so it had been put away. I did my usual alterations to it and I hope to cut it out today.  Today the sewing room will be available again so I will first sew Paco's skirt.

Here is the pattern

I'm making view B.

Yes there will be fashion sewing coming soon!


  1. It is definitely time that you were sewing for yourself! That jacket looks like a wonderful project.

  2. Hey! It looks like you had a wonderful time with the preparations and performance of your child. As fun, feeling like the "seamstress". Now it´s time for you!

  3. So nice you were recognized for your hard work in the production! Enjoy your "ME" sewing now! The jacket pattern looks fabulous.

  4. You are so generous with your time!! And yea for getting the credit you deserve!!

  5. It is a brave mother who takes on costuming a theatre production! Love your coat pattern.


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