Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christine Jonson Base Wear Two 1025 - Skirt

I have been purging and organizing my stash and I found two one yards cuts, one the leftover Sophia knit that I used for these pants and the other  leftover from a jacket I made before blogging. They were perfect for this simple pattern.

I used a decorative elastic I bought at Pacific Trims in NYC after seeing it in a picture that Kyle took (thanks Kyle!) I thought it made this simple black skirt a little more special.

Both skirts were constructed with my serger (yay!) except for the hem and attaching the elastic. I love how the cut of the pattern allows for and elastic waistband with minimum ease to give a smooth fit.

I wore it to work today and it was extremely comfortable!

Here is the other skirt

It felt great to make use of this fabric that was just taking space in my leftover bin!


  1. I love this type of skirt. They really are comfy and you can make them out of all kinds of knits. The elastic trim on the black is a wonderful detail.

  2. Nice! You look very good

  3. Easy projects are wonderful! Especially when they give you such lovely results. I particularly like that decorative elastic that you used as a waistband.

  4. Hee, I was looking at the elastic in your first pic thinking 'it looks like that elastic from that store in NYC' and then you said it was! :)

    Hrm, I might need to look more closely at this pattern and make it myself (and actually BUY some of that elastic!!)

  5. That's a cute outfit. Not too causal nor too dressy. Just right!

  6. Two very quick and lovely little skirts; well done!

  7. Las faldas son fabulosas! Love both versions. Congrats on getting two garments done so fast. Also that they're both so wearable.

  8. Very satisfying sewing! Fabric moved out of stash and into closet, staple pieces, and not too complicated. I always find that sort of sewing very refreshing.


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