Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm doing it again

Sewing for the high school play! This time around they are doing Seussical and I making costumes/dresses for two of the main characters Gertrude and Mayzie, who are bird girls.

These are the patterns which I'm using.
This one for Mayzie who is the flamboyant one. I'm giving her a taffeta ruffled slip and of course there will be feathers, a tail and such
And this is for Gertrude, who has a one feather tail, until it starts to grow.

I have already made muslins; I especially wanted to test the halter dress for cleavage and to make sure there's no gaping. Of course I'm already prepared with double sided sticky tape to make sure that neckline stays put ;-)

My biggest challenge is going to be working with feathers. The ultimate challenge? How to make Gertrude's tail grow on stage. Yeap, I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. This sounds like fun! The patterns are really cute. Good luck with growing tail feathers!

  2. I agree with Irene's comment. What a fun project! Especially the tail feather challenge. What popped into my mind was some kind of telescoping infrastructure like one of those rods that have a magnatized tip for picking up pins and such. Keep us informed of your progress, please.

  3. That challenge would stump me! Hussein Chalayan did a show maybe 10 years ago in which the clothes transformed on stage (ending, memorably, with a model starting the runway in a diaphanous gown and large hat and ending the runway completely nude). I suspect he had access to technology not available to us home sewers!

  4. Congratulations and good luck with this one. I know that everything will work out, even with the challenges.


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