Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miercoles Tam, Knitscene Winter 2011

I love the way a flower shows up on the crown as the cables come together!
I was looking for a hat to knit, one that had enough ease built into the design that did not flatten my hair =). I found this design and I loved it. Hats are pretty quick to knit but I like them to have a variety of stitches to make it fun. This one fit the bill!
The bobbles are made with a crochet hook.

I used yarn (Dark Horse Yarn Rhapsody, 100% merino wool, aran weight) that has been in my stash and that came from a local yarn shop that closed a few years ago.

Of course right after I finished it the temperatures in my area rose to the 60s so I couldn't wear it. Well, it has been pretty cold recently so I got to try it and I love it! So far no flat hair to report!

Ravelry link

Gertrude's costume is almost done and I already cut out the fabric for Mazye. More Seussical sewing showing pictures soon!


  1. Great hat! What a stylish way to solve the "hat hair" problem!

  2. Gorgeous cap - love how it avoids flattening your hair!

  3. Beautifully done! What a lovely hat!

  4. Wonderful hat! So that's the trick to keep your hair from going flat!


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