Monday, February 20, 2012

Amazing Gertrude!

So here you can see how the final costume will work. These pictures show the second stage of Gertrude's  tail, the actress will have the boa in the pouch, details below, so that then the tail will grow on stage. I also added sleeves since the teacher requested them. I used a double knit I had leftover from my Butterick dress, I thought it would be more comfortable for the actress, who does a lot of dancing/jumping/moving on stage, to have a knit sleeve. I can't remember the pattern number where I got the sleeve pattern but it was from another Simplicity.

In the beginning of the show there's no need for the actress to walk around with the boa in the hidden pouch (ties keep it secure to the inside of the pouch )so I made a single feather that goes on the hidden hooks.

For the pouch I added lining panels sewn into the back seam and then they were sewn to the lining to make the pouch.

After her tail grows, the actress goes off stage, but she ate so many berries to grow an amazing tail that when she comes out again she has a bigger/fuller tail. She will get two boas added on.

I added length and the feather trim after the actress got a chance to wear the unfinished dress for a rehearsal. The dress was too short, so I just added the band that is included with the pattern, Simplicity 5092. Also the wrinkles showing up in center back that show up on the hanger are not there when the dress is on.

The dress rehearsals will put my design to the test. I have some other ideas in case the hooks don't work well and I will have extra boas in case these boas start looking like a moulting chicken before the show is done =)

So what do you think? I had such fun with this project!

I already made McCalls 4826,minus the embellishments, it needs a fitting to finish. This dress is for Mayzie who is very glamorous, I'm adding fabric flowers, and lots of feathers and boas for an amazing tail. Today I plan to make the petticoat that will peak out at the hem, it will be a Burda Easy magazine pattern, more details later


  1. That is so incredibly clever. I would love to see the audience’s faces when her tail starts to grow.

  2. Very clever and creative, Lisette! I hope you'll report on the audience reaction!

  3. That is such a clever costume! How fun!

  4. Very cool! I am sure the stage effect will be spectacular.


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