Sunday, January 06, 2013

Simple Laptop Sleeve

Yesterday I finished the laptop envelope for DS2. DS1 received his at Christmas but my youngest didn't like any of the fabrics I had for his. When I told Andrea that I was having trouble finding a fabric he liked she mentioned she had a dragon print in black, red and gray that maybe my son would like since she knows he is big into fantasy. She sent a picture and he loved it! So I ran to Joann's and I couldn't find it so Andrea, a dear that she is, went to her local Joann's, bought it and mailed it to me!

I used an excellent tutorial over at Sew, Mama, Sew! . The only thing that I did different was to fuse the fleece to the lining instead of the fashion fabric. The fabric for DS1 is textured and the fusible fleece would have crushed it. It is a great tutorial that  can be used for any size rectangular shaped device, she gives a little formula to figure out the panel sizes to cut.

This was a quick and satisfying project, don't forget practical too! I feel a little better that the kids have an extra layer of protection on their computers when they are transporting them.

¡Feliz Día de los Reyes!


  1. I wanted dragon fabric for a project for my brother, and I wound up buying it on ebay! It was super cheap, too.

  2. The laptop envelopes turned out awesome. I am so glad I could help. =)

  3. What a great gift idea.

  4. What we go through for our kids! Nice bag.

  5. What a great and practical gift! It's always nice to find a sewn gift idea for boys.


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