Monday, January 28, 2013

I finally got my sewing mojo back (very excited about a lot of designs in Burda Style magazine!) but life has kept me from sewing. It is the start of the spring semester so I have been attending seminars/professional development/training sessions, filling out paperwork, coordinating schedules and now doing lessons plans. My oldest left for school yesterday so I spent most of my day getting him ready. Also the school musical is moving along and costumes are going to be made. Of course these are just the extras all the regular stuff also has to be kept up =O.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday, especially when I realized that we had stripped my son's bed in school at the end of the semester to wash all the bedding and I did not see it at all during the break and still has yet to be found. I'm thankful that I had given an extra set of sheets but mattress cover and duvet cover are missing. Where is the stuff???

So...School musical Wizard of Oz....patterns I will use...

This looks like a bear with the dark color fur!!
I will be making Dorothy's and the Cowardly Lion for now the others have to be decided. We might have a dress that I can add to for Glinda, but I still have yet to actually see what the rentals look like in person.

I requested fur samples and I'm waiting for those and I think I can get most I need at and Joann's.

I apologize that I haven't kept up reading all the wonderful blogs I follow and hopefully once I get into my routine this semester I will be able to keep up again. By the way I had to remove my blog list since it was giving virus alerts when readers using Chrome would try to access my blog, Blogger!! I will have to play with it again and see if it was a temporary bug with Blogger.

Looking forward to a new normal!


  1. I had a similar thing happen with my reading list back in the summer/early fall. So annoying!

    Glad your mojo has returned!

  2. Ay Lisette, que ganas de verlos ya terminados. Con lo poco que me gusta disfrazarme, me chiflan! En el cole de mis hijos nos ha tocado disfrazarnos de piratas este año, facilito. Mañana voy a por telas a ver que encuentro. Que gusto verte por aquí de nuevo!
    Que te pareció "el tiempo entre costuras"?
    Un beso, guapa


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