Monday, February 04, 2013

Making it my own

So how do you take an iconic character like Dorothy and give it your own special touch? Well there isn't much that I can change but it's all in the details, isn't it?

Dorothy in Weber's production
Before I knew what the director was thinking for the show I started to look for inspiration and I loved what Andrew Lloyd Weber's production had done with the set and costumes.  I now know the director wants a traditional look for the leads.

I love the bias binding and flat piping that the designer incorporated in the dress so I plan to do the same. For the blouse, which in the pattern is not a separate garment but just the upper bodice, I will stay with the traditional look from the movie with the high neckline and I will add rick-rack but still haven't decide where. I found at Joann's some big white very retro looking buttons which I love and will enhance the retro look I'm going for.

I modified the pattern and I'm now ready to cut and do a first fitting on Wed. After Dorothy it will be the Lion and Glinda.

I will keep you posted!


  1. I can't wait to see this costume! One of my first sewn garments on my sewing machine (I was 12) was this Dorothy costume for Halloween. It was one of my faves for years -- came back out for many Halloween parties! I think the piping and oversize buttons will look amazing!

  2. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, for a French Club thing in high school and made my costume too. :) I love the bias strips and piping-esque blue trim in the pic. Can't wait to see your version!

  3. That's going to be fun! When I was growing up Disney princesses weren't a thing; my ideal dress was Glinda's. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for it!


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