Sunday, February 24, 2008

Celebration in DC

Today we spent the day in Washington DC, it was my DH birthday on Friday and his request was to go to the Museum of Natural History to visit the bug museum (which had been closed for a while). We also got to see a 3D IMAX movie about prehistoric monsters of the sea and the new butterfly exhibit. We were disappointed at the bug museum, it looked just like before and the butterfly exhibit was good but a little confining and of course it did not help that it was very crowded. The movie however was fantastic! I closed my eyes several times...I could not stand to see those monsters so close!Then again I'm sort of a chicken when it comes to scary movies. We had lunch at the Native American Museum, you cannot go wrong there, everything we have ever had , and we have been there often, has been delicious.

After all the nasty weather we have had it was wonderful to walk and bask in the sunshine.

The picture shows the tile wall part of the Botanical Gardens.

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