Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival happens on the first weekend of May every year. I usually go on Sunday because it is less crowded and therefore more enjoyable. This year I went on Saturday because it was the only chance I would have; it was crowded, lots of lines for everything (you should have seen the restroom line, you really had to plan ahead!), but I had a great time and the picture shows what I came home with.

The green is worsted weight Cascade Yarns wool, I just loved the color so I got enough for a cardigan. The very light blue/grey is lace weight for a scarf/shawl I have been wanting to make for a while. The purple is worsted weight wool from Brook Farms one of their semi-solids, it is a beautiful color for a vest.

I got to meet Jody, well I just introduced myself and left her be since she was very busy at the cash register of the Cloverhill Yarn booth.

As far as my knitting I'm still working on Juliett since I had to frog it because it was coming out too small...

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  1. Hi! It was great to meet you!!! Thanks for stopping by!


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