Friday, May 02, 2008


You who are gardeners but suffer from allergies know what I mean when I say that I love spring, but it does not love me. I have to limit the time that I'm outside this time of year.

Yesterday I noticed that my lilies-of-the-valley were at their peak so I could not resist picking a bunch to bring inside and enjoy their fragrance. Lilies-of-the-valley are one of my favorite flowers (up there with hydrangeas and tulips). I wanted them in my wedding bouquet but they had stopped blooming by my wedding date and to import them was too pricey. Anyway, now I have them in my garden and can enjoy them every year.

It has been a funny year as far as blooming, tulips and lilacs did great, but my azaleas did not bloom and I only have one iris. I can always count on bleeding hearts, Jacob's ladder and lilies of the valley, they always do well.

I hope your garden is blooming!!


  1. You'll have to spend May 1st in France one of this year. It's lilies of the valey day. You see them everywhere as everyone receives at least a branch on that day, it is considered a lucky charm ;o)

  2. I think those are absolutely gorgeous! I always say I'd love to have a garden but the only thing I can keep alive are children and dogs :-D Your lilies of the valley are superb!


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