Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My trip to New Jersey

The view is two short city blocks away from my brother's place. Not far from his place (the next town) I lived with my family when I was going to high school. Walking along Boulevard East to look at the view was something we did often. On my last visit to fit my future SIL I did not get a chance to do my walk because the weather was awful. This time we didn't have the best light for photos but we enjoyed our walk.

The dress has been fitted and the bride is happy so now I will cut and put together the dress and I hope to have done in a couple of weeks. I will hold off showing you the final product until I get wedding pictures.

On Sunday we went to Fort Hanckock in Sandy Hook. What a great place for exploring. We walked on the beach,

explored a path that led to beautiful shrubs and a stream,

and we got to explore one of the officer's home. It was a beautiful, practical and well laid out house. The house was decorated in the World War II era which is when the fort was most active. One of the rooms was a sewing room and the caretaker was nice enough to let me step in the room to take pictures.

During this trip I also got to have dinner with some very good friends I don't get to see enough. Even though this is the first Mother's Day I did not spend with my sons and I missed them very much I had a great time.

I'm almost done with a knit top from Burda WOF...stay tuned.

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