Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Sunday is my wedding anniversary, I married DH 17 years ago. I wanted to share with you pictures of my dress and my maid of honor's. My dress was designed by my friend and maid of honor who at the time of my wedding had a bridal business. She is a graduate of FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology) and has since worked as a designer for various RTW companies.

When it was time to pick out my dress, my friend L. came with me and my mom. We tried many,many dresses and once she knew what I was looking for she showed me parts (a sleeve and part of the bodice) of a dress she was working on at the moment and told me that if I like it I could use it. I fell in love when I saw the delicate ribbon embroidery accented with seed pearls, crystals and much more. The fabric is silk organza. She also made my hair bow after we spend a wonderful time at the most incredible ribbon shop in the district; the owner gave us a blue piece of ribbon as we were leaving which became my garter (which I still throwing of a garter for this bride!). The veil was beaded by my mom and me with seed pearls and crystals.

Her dress she designed and made herself. The fabric is silk organza in a gorgeous pink plaid and she found perfect shoes for it.

My dress has held up pretty well to the years, I hope that maybe one day a granddaughter may love it as much as me and has a chance to wear it.


  1. FELIZ ANIVERSARIO Lisette. que sea por muchos años más de felicidad. El vestido es precioso. Por supuesto, usted debe de guardarlo, pues estoy seguro de que un día hará las delicias de alguien.

    Un abrazo desde España, Paco


  3. If I wasn't already married, I'D ask to use it! STUNNING!!!

  4. A great story, beautiful dress, and you and your husband both look so happy. Congratulations on your anniversary!


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