Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend wrapup

My kids got colds starting a week ago and of course they were staggered so I had sick kids for the duration of a week, that culminated with me being sick this past Friday through most of the weekend. So...not much sewing, actually none at all was accomplished and nothing else for that matter. As soon as I felt better on Sunday I did laundry and cooked.

Yesterday I felt so much better that I went for a walk with my family. We went to Montgomery county and took a trail around Lake Frank. This is a beautiful hike at points you can barely see the lake and you are surrounded by beautiful woods when you finally get to see the lake, it is a wow moment.

The hike we thought would be flat and easy but they were enough changes in the terrain to make it really interesting with enough hills to climb for those that like a challenging hike. The mountain laurels were blooming and they were gorgeous!

The weather however decided to not cooperate and for most of our trip we had thunder and then the pouring rain started, the four of us and our dog were a poor sight, I can't remember the last time I was in such a downpour. Anyways now we have a funny story to tell.

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  1. The flowering trees are so pretty! Hopefully you've dried out by now.


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