Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I finished the Burda WOF jumper and the turtleneck top to go with it but I haven't had a chance to photograph it to show you. I'm happy with the way the outfit turned out. Stay tuned for pictures soon.

I also decided that it was time to make the coat I had planned and bought materials for last year. The muslin is made and tested and the fabric prepared, I have everything I need to go ahead. In preparation I started re-reading my material on making coats. I'm starting with the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction, then I will review The Great Coat Sew Along and Tailoring. I have made jackets and one coat before so not every technique will be new to me, however I have never tackled welt pockets before, so this will be new and I also want to try bound buttonholes. I'm looking forward to the adventure.

I also wanted to show you the last patterns I bought.

I loved 2473 when it first came out, but at the previous Simplicity sale they didn't have it (at Joann's). I really like the view with the collar for winter but I also like the other views. View A in 2560 is a really pretty layering piece (I'm always cold so I like layers), and I have fabric to make it with. View D of 2501 is wonderful, the sleeves are feminine without being frilly.

When I saw the review in Threads magazine for the Cynthia Rowley 2586 this cut of fabric came to mind. I think I can use the border at the hem and sleeves. I'm sure some of you will recognize this fabric, it came from Fabric Mart a while ago and Carolyn made a wonderful jacket out of it (I'm sorry I couldn't find it on her blog for a link!)

When photographing the fabric my camera was behaving weird. Keep your fingers crossed that it will straighten itself out!


  1. Lisette.- Me alegro que tengas el abrigo terminado. Los otros proyectos se ven fantásticos. No tengas miedo a los bolsillos y los ojales. ya verás que con un poco de práctica te salen "bordados" (como se dice aquí). Mira mis tutoriales sobre ello, quizás te den un poco de ayuda.

    Observo que mencionan el método BISHOP, y siempre he tenido curiosidad por conocerlo. Esta bien este libro?.... Tengo varios patrones vintage de ADVANCE que mencionan este método pero no se muy bien de que se trata.

    Buen día para tí,


  2. I like your choice of jacket as well as your new patterns. Two of them Sim 2501 & 2473 are on my list :)

  3. Lisette ~ I had to go look up the S2586 pattern because that piece of fabric from Fabric Mart is a little funky to work with. First its not very stable. Second, how do you plan to pre-treat it. Any pretreatment changes its hand enough so that it is way different than the original. Three, if I were using it for a dress, I would definitely make a lining. My piece clung to everything.

    It will be interesting to see how this piece works for you!


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