Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Burda World of Fashion jumper+turtleneck

Pictures are not the best quality, my camera is not working and we used my sons.

I finished these two pieces a while ago but then the weather got warmer so I hadn't had a chance to wear it, I wore it for work today.

I love this combination! It is a very comfortable to wear outfit but stylish (at least I think so!). Both fabrics are from Gorgeous Fabrics.

The jumper (9/2007 121)is made of a rayon jersey. The jersey is very lightweight and a little slippery to work with but it feels wonderful against the skin. I didn't pay attention when I was cutting the pieces and almost didn't have enough fabric to cut the skirt pieces, my compromise was to make it shorter and I'm happy with the length.

The top (9/2204)I made in a poly knit. It has an unusual raglan seam, very curvy as you can see in the line drawing (no line drawing, archives don't go that far back). I basted it by hand before sewing it by machine and had good results. I'm not convinced with the zipper on the seam going up to the collar, I thought it was a cool detail but I struggled with it and I still did not get a perfect application. If I repeat this top I will make sure the collar is cut big enough to fit over my head.


  1. A great looking outfit. I love the teal color.

  2. That looks fantastic! I love the color combination.

  3. That looks great. That jumper pattern really is fab.

  4. You look lovely in this outfit. I made the jumper and wear it with solid colored turtlenecks, but would not have thought to wear it with patterned ones. Great idea!

  5. I *love* this blue! It's actually kind of festive for the season too, isn't it?


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