Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Practicing the welt pocket

The above show my first attempt ever to make a welt pocket; I'm glad I finally did it! While it doesn't look perfect, the width is not even across the welt, this is easily fixed, I just wasn't extremely careful when folding the welt. There is no bunching or pulling at the ends, which makes me happy. This is a single welt with the flap sewn on top. One thing I like about it, that if the welt is not perfect to my eyes, it will be covered up by the flap.

I want to do a little more reading about the technique, since I have made one I think it will be easier now to see what the tutorials are talking about.


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Looking very good! You remind me that i need to practice. I did it once and was so mentally worn out that I haven't don it again!~

  2. Kenneth King has an excellent book called "Cool Couture" where he illustrates this pocket. The best instructions I've seen. Maybe you can check that book out at your local library.

  3. It's looking good! I've only done a few in my sewing life myself and could use some more practice.


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