Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two outfits for the same interview

So, out of the blue I get a call from the public school system (World Languages department) for an interview for the position of long term substitute for Spanish class. I already have two part time jobs that keep me pretty busy, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to go to the interview. Anyways I get to the high school for my 8:40 am appointment to be told that they are very sorry but they have me schedule for the following morning. They apologize I say ok and leave. So now I have been seen in this first outfit so I have to come up with another for today. This time around I decide on a more casual outfit, because from what I saw there I would still be overdressed in comparison (and I was).

Anyways outfit for day one is the skirt and jacket from Simplicity 4500. I wore a RTW long sleeve-t.

Outfit for day two is New Look 6429 which has been made and reviewed so many times I never bothered to review it myself. While I wear it a lot because it is very comfortable the torso length for some reason is short on me, so the band which is attached falls too high and really makes me crazy every time I look in the mirror. I made it so long ago I don't know if I lengthened it but I always do. It was cold today and the neckline is a little low, so in the spirit to be sort of conservative I wore a turtleneck with it.


  1. All of your looks are terrific. Lots of mileage out of a few pieces.

  2. Man, I would hate to have my chosen interview outfit "spoiled" and have to go to a backup! But you look great in both of them. Hope the interview went well!

  3. Oh what great looking outfits - very stylish and just right!


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