Friday, March 19, 2010

Fad classic vest

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments you left about my coat. I am very happy with the outcome!

This design by Wendy Bernard has been very popular and with good reason. The pattern stitch is easy to memorize and it is very pretty. I originally wanted to make it in cotton but I had this beautiful Brooks Farm Solana worsted weight yarn that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last year, and I thought it would make a nice fall/winter vest. Besides, the festival is coming up again soon (May) and it makes sense to use at least one of my purchases.

Because the variation of colors in the yarn you can really see that the vest is done knitting back and forth up to the neckline and then all stitches from front and back are joined in the round. It is more obvious in the back.

I need to remind myself to stand up straight, oh well...


  1. This is such a pretty pattern. The vest looks wonderful on you.

  2. That is a very cute vest and as a knitter you may see the front to back variation but I think it looks fab!


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