Saturday, March 20, 2010

A gift from my mom

I'm sure I have mentioned before that my mom is fantastic with a crochet hook. I like to crochet but she loves it and not with the thicker yarns but the ones you could consider thread weight. I am lucky to have two bedspreads, tablecloth trim (yet to be attached to said tablecloth), curtains hanging in my house and quite a few garments in lace crochet.

Although I'm not a lace girl (my wedding dress was completely devoid of any lace and so was my prom dress), I love lace crochet. So since mom loves to make it and I love to wear it, she made me the cardigan you see above (sorry for the headless picture, my photographer was not in the mood, and believe me you did not want to see my face).

I have commissioned a couple of other pieces that will make their appearance on my blog in the future :-)


  1. How lovely! I love crocheted sweaters. Very nice.

  2. That is a beautiful crocheted cardigan. I love the cuff detail.

  3. Pretty! My mom crochets as well, but prefers afghans. She has been working on a cardi for me, though.


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