Monday, March 01, 2010


Yesterday I got to spend the day in Washington DC with my family. We went to the Botanical Gardens, the Native American Museum and a brief visit to the National Gallery. I love going to the museums in the winter! We got there around 10:00 am and parked across from the gardens, no crowds at the gardens and lunch at the Native American Museum was delicious and with plenty of room to sit and relax.


The best part of the trip, I was surrounded by the color green for a few hours! I really needed that dose of tropical weather. As a bonus they had at the gardens a special orchid exhibit, so not only did I see green but a variety of bright beautiful colors too!

Teenager at rest

Ignore my goofy look and notice that I am now the short one (at 5'6") in the family, DS1 on the left is 15, DS2 on the right 12.

The obligatory shot at arm's length

I'm holding off on showing you the coat, I'm so close to finishing!


  1. I love the botanical gardens. And the cafeteria at the NMAI is sooooo good.

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