Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New knitting projects

A few months ago I placed an order for knitting books from Phildar. They came from France at a wonderful price, I think they are probably from a few seasons ago but I loved their designs. This dress was picked first because I have had this yarn for many years; it was a closeout at a local yarn shop and I bought every one they had left. I love the pattern, I'm not loving working with the yarn, it is a boucle and the humps get stuck so you have to be careful not to create holes in your fabric. I do like how it looks and this is a dress I can see wearing often.

Inspiration scarf $565 at

For this sock weight yarn I'm using the pattern the Selfish Seamstress posted for her Envy, Missoni inspired scarf. I'm not sure I like how this yarn looks with this pattern, I like the soft color changes of the Selfish Seamstress scarf better, so I'll let it sit for a while and keep working on the Phildar dress.

P.S; I saw the above scarf and I'm liking my scarf again


My youngest shared his cold with me and I haven't slept well in a few days. I have decided to wait on cutting Paco's pattern, since I have to cut single layer to mind the fabric pattern; don't want to do that with anything less than a clear head.


  1. The knit dress looks just wonderful! So cozy!
    Agreed - very clear head needed for cutting patterns. Once those cuts happen, there's no going back. Good thing that seams can be picked out!

  2. I love the Missoni inspired scarf.

  3. I have a Phildar shop in my town. Feel free to ask if you ever need something picked up for you :) I agree that their knitting patterns are often cute - their baby patterns are fantastic as well!


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