Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I thought I had fixed the problem with this skirt (Burda 11 2009 #120). I promise that I unstitched the pockets and place them again with the skirt hanging and I promise that I tried it on and it looked fine or did I wanted it to be fine so much that I thought it was? I don't know but it looks the same.

Something else I noticed with this set of pictures is that the A line side seams are flaring too much. So I will change the sides seams and maybe even play with the size of the pockets. And you know what really drives me mad? That this is a skirt for goodness sake! Also I took no shortcuts in construction and took my time.

Oh well, I really do like how this outfit looks and the cardigan covers up the problem from most angles.

I also wanted to show you the necklace I'm wearing; it is a vintage Monet from the 70s. When I first arrived in the States this rigid silver necklaces were all the rage and I wanted one really bad, I got one for my 15th birthday with a couple of pendants (a bicycle and a turtle, which I still have) and I was as happy as could be.

I started working on Butterick 5523 so when that project is done I will work on the skirt again.


  1. Lisette,
    I love the skirt. It is the perfect length for you. the boots are great too!

    Sometimes I have trouble reading the text on your blog because of the background image. I find I have to select the text so the highlighting will add enough contrast in order to read it. (I use Firefox as my browser. I don't know if others have the same issue...) I always like to see the pictures, though!

    Happy New Year,
    :)Deb M.

  2. The outfit looks wonderful! Are you being too picky about the skirt? May-be? It looks lovely, and there does come a time to say "good enough". Mind you, when that is, is up to the seamstress. It's not like you stand statue-still for everything to hang just perfectly, right?

  3. Debra,

    Thank you for letting me know about the text in my blog! I darkened it for more contrast. Can you let me know if it makes any difference?

  4. I can't see too many problems with the skirt. I picked this skirt out last winter but never bought the right fabric. A must for me come May.

  5. I don't have trouble reading the text :)

    I love the skirt. Sorry you think it's wonky. Also, you look so pretty in your photo and the necklace is great!

  6. Hello, I'm glad to discover your blog. I also sewed this skirt, but from tweed and with single pleat. Yours looks great - I like the fabric.

  7. Actually, the skirt looks better than most RTW, so maybe don't sweat it...if you can stand living with the imperfection. Nice necklace!


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