Thursday, June 16, 2011

A note about my commenting

First thank you all for your nice comments on my crochet dress, I'm glad you liked it!

I have been having trouble commenting on blogs that required you select a profile. I cannot leave a comment at all if I'm using Firefox, if I use Internet Explorer I sometimes am able to leave a comment if I select the Anonymous profile. In that case I leave my name and my blog address so that you know who I am. I apologize for not leaving more comments but that is the reason why. I hope my husband might have some suggestions for me or maybe one of you has encountered the same problem?

I finished the Burda magazine top I was working on and hope to have pictures soon.


  1. I just solved it for myself, I could not leave a comment on my own blog or on anyone with blogger, but wordpress didn't seem to be an issue.

    I just used Chrome instead of IE to log onto my blog (I don't remember when I downloaded it, but there it was). I have used it now one at least one website that was sending me into the loop of signing in, and it has solved my issues.

    Good luck.

  2. The internet cookies on your PC, which are used for authentification when you are trying to access a website/blog, are corrupted. I was having this problem myself and tried to use my typepad account to post a comment on a blog because my google account was not working. Typepad sent me this message "Oops, Houston we have a problem! The site you just came from wants to verify your sign in credentials. However you are signed in as .." and it listed my Flicker photo site login, which is totally different than my google/blogger logon.
    I followed this advice "Clear your cache, internet cookies, and sessions, restart the browser, and login again. The hope here is that, with the current Blogger / Google login cookie cleared, the blog owner can login properly, and access the right Blogger account, with the right profile." which I got from this website where others discussed the same problem.

    It worked for me. I had to do it on all the PC's, work and home, that I use to read and comment on blogs. I suspect the problem was caused by the Blogger server issues several weeks ago, but Blogger/Google can do nothing to correct the cookies, which are stored on your PC, after they are corrupted.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I solved it by changing my internet security settings to always allow cookies and pop ups from You also have to go to options and delete all cookies first. It was frustrating for weeks before I sorted it.


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