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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burda Style 4/2011 114

I was inspired to make this top after seeing Lucky's trend "article" below.

I had liked this simple design when I saw it in Burda and I had planned to make the dress version. I found the striped almost sheer silk remmant and I decided to try out the pattern first as a top. I think it turned out cute to wear with capris and slim fitting skirts.

If you look at the magazine picture you can see the sleeve minicap fits closely on the model. I get a little bit of a wing which I think it's courtesy of my very narrow shoulders, even though I made my usual 38 for the shoulder area.

The armholes and neckline are finished with narrow facings which I finished using the technique that The Sewing Lawyer recently posted about. I have been doing my facings that way for a while, it gives a very clean finish. I believe these facings are so narrow that they caused problems insisting to flip out (even after understitching) so I topstitched to make them behave.

This is the first of my planned simple sewing, next up a dress!


  1. This issue of Burda has just arrived in Australia. The top caught my eye too - love your version. Did you make the red pants too?

  2. Lovely top. Looks to be very cool and breezy.

  3. Uniquely stylish top and looks nice with your capris. Your version inspired me to take another look at this pattern!

  4. I never would have thought a boxy top could work but this looks great with the bright, slim pants! Nice styling.

  5. I love this top and I think you can do many versions of it. Thanks for the hint about narrow shoulders it will be helful for me when I do it too, If times allows I think I have the perfect vintage fabric for both the top and the skirt to go with (thrifted yesterday) sorry for such a long comment. I guess I miss blogging (not enough time)

  6. I'm liking these cropped tops too. Yours looks lovely with the capris!

  7. I was having the same problem with commenting as you talked about in your previous post. Google has a hiccup. But, there is a temporary fix. Log into your account, and uncheck the box that says "keep me signed in". Then, your comments will go through.

  8. I like the simple garments as your top especially for the summer! I like the color of your top and the combination with the capris!


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