Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sewing goodies in the mail

After commenting in Kyle's blog about the Christine Jonson pattern she received as a gift during PR in Chicago, she offered to send it to me since it wasn't her style. So here it is with other goodies she picked up in Chicago and another sewing event she attended. Thanks Kyle, it was a treat opening my mail yesterday!

My crochet dress is finished, just have a few tails to weave in, I am thrilled with the fit! So pictures coming soon!

I traced this Burda top but haven't been able to do much more, gardening is taking priority. And speaking of gardening, here are a few pictures of what is looking nice right now

Coral bells, seedum with yellow star flowers and a shrub I can't recall the name of. The shrub has never looked this good, it is 3 years old in that spot and I think it is going to do great there.

These are Japanese painted ferns and a few perennial foxgloves growing among them.

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  1. Yeah! I'm glad it arrived so quickly after I took so long to mail it! I really really wanted to find the burda button since you sew a lot of burda. :)
    Your plants are looking good!


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