Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Victorian Apron

Butterick 5509

Yesterday I delivered the apron and the two caps for the play. They were very happy with them.

The eyelet fabric and ruffle were in my stash, I bought a bit of bleached muslin to use as lining and interfacing since I did not want to use fuseable interfacing on the eyelet. I also used muslin for the collar because I ran out of eyelet.

I used the border as the hem.

This is a good pattern if you need a Victorian era apron =)

The caps are from Butterick 3071

I spent yesterday afternoon going around with one of the assistant directors looking for props for the show. We were amazed at the generosity of our local businesses!, where we didn't get a discount it was because the items we needed were donated or given on loan. I have my van packed with stuff that I will deliver this morning to the school where once again we are gathering to put the set together.

Have a wonderful weekend and as always happy sewing!


  1. The apron and caps look wonderful! I'm sure that there is a special place in heaven for parents who sew costumes and help with school plays!

  2. Great job there. I'll keep that pattern in mind the next time I need a victorian apron. For when I make victorian cookies, lol!

  3. Wow - you did a wonderful job with the apron and the caps!

  4. Well done to you! They look really nicely made.

  5. Those aprons and caps are really lovely! I'm certain the school appreciated your hard work hugely, well done! And how nice that all your local business's are helping out too... :)

  6. Oh how lovely! You did a remarkable job.

  7. Exquisitely adorable and beautiful! Very nice work!


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