Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peter Pan is coming!

So tomorrow is opening night for the fall play and I couldn't be more excited. On Tuesday I got to sit in the audience with the director/theater teacher and a couple of other parent volunteers while they ran the whole show for the first time. There were "oops" moments but all in all not bad. Amazing all that goes in these productions!

The set looks wonderful and I'm so proud of what I accomplished. The last bit I did was to add valances to the Darling children headboards using a piece of lace leftover from curtains that used to hang on my living room window. My husband is part of the "flight crew" and he is having fun making the kids fly.


News from the sewing room. Before I started sewing for the theater I cut out this gorgeous skirt by Paco Peralta

I used a rayon knit in a yummy chocolate brown. I won't get any sewing done until after Thanksgiving since I'm having company for the next couple of weeks and the sewing room will become a guest room.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I can't wait to meet Paco in January in Barcelona. This is one of the patterns that I'll be buying from him!

  2. Hope the play is a huge success! You worked so hard on the costumes. Love your purple skirt.

  3. It must be wonderful to see your work on stage!
    That skirt looks amazing!

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful skirt.
    I hope the play was a success! :)

  5. You have made some very professional looking garments for the play! I hope everything was a success!

  6. You will love this skirt and wear it over and over


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