Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sewing for theater

I'm still very much involved sewing for Peter Pan at my son's high school. Here is the tunic Peter will wear. It looks great on with leather boots and belt and sword. It also looks fantastic when Peter flies, the leaves fluttering along!
I picked up leaves from my backyard and made the templates and cut the shapes out of three different color synthetic suede and attached them to the faux leather tunic (pattern from a Simplicity costume, I think a Roman tunic?). Peter's mom (one of the directors and a professional actress) and I ripped the hem and the sleeves. They don't want to do a "Disney production" so costumes and props are earthy and old looking.

The closure looks a bit wonky, it is velcro and it's not closed properly =)

I am now working on the covers for the props that turn the nursery into Never Never Land. It is going to be a wonderful show!!


  1. Wow Lisette, that costume looks great! I like how you used leaves from your yard as a template.

  2. This is a great job you did!The tunic looks stunning and it looks so "peter pan" indeed:-)

  3. Wow, that's an amazing costume - beautifully thought out and superbly constructed. Peter Pan will be a real hit in this!

  4. I absolutely love that tunic! It is a wonderful costume, and very professional for a high school(?) production.

  5. Wow! Tan inteligente, tomar las hojas de tu jardín para hacer el molde. Pedro será un Peter Pan maravilloso gracias a tus increíbles habilidades.


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