Sunday, March 04, 2012

The beauty of a rolled hem and Mayzie's dress

Yes, I have made for the first time a rolled hem with my serger and I'm in love. The ease of it all! And how pretty it looks!

How do you like the explosion of color in my sewing room?

I was at the point of finishing the hems of the petticoat for Mayzie's dress (for the Seussical production) and read a post in The Slapdash's Sewist blog about replacing her serger because she was having trouble making a rolled hem with her old one, and I saw the light. Why not a rolled hem on this cute circle skirt with ruffle? The instructions for the petticoat, a circle skirt with an attached ruffle came from an old Burda Easy Spring/summer issue, but you can find similar instructions in the internet.

I finished the waist with grosgrain ribbon and even though I hate using velcro in my sewing I used it for the waist for adjustment flexibility.

Here is the dress, McCalls 4826. I have pinned the petticoat to the dress to see the peek-a-boo effect.

The flowers I made using the directions from 2 books. The smaller ones are the Dior rose and I followed Palmer/Pletsch Couture The Art of Sewing by Roberta Carr; the other is from High Fashion Sewing Secrets by Claire B Shaeffer (this I had made before).  Both these books are indispensable, in my opinion. I now have to work on her bird-tail =)

I really like this halter dress pattern. The skirt side seams are placed in the front of the dress so the back piece is fuller than the front. It makes a very flattering dress. The back straps I added which make the back even prettier, the actress loved this feature!


  1. Great work Lisette!!

  2. Lovely dress/costume, Lisette. I'm glad you are finding ways to fully use your serger--the rolled hem looks great! As far as using Velcro-this is a costume, and flexibility is more important, and Velcro does provide that.

    I agree with you about the books--I especially like Roberta Carr's--

  3. What a cute dress! The back straps do look comfortable, and very practical for singing and dancing on stage.

    Isn't a serger rolled hem a dream? It is sooooo easy and yet looks completely professional.


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