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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Timeless style

In 1959 my mom was on her honeymoon traveling for a month in Mexico. She had to be very careful with her money when she was single and so every item in her wardrobe was carefully chosen to be versatile and of course stylish. In Havana, Cuba where she was a young woman, most garments were made by seamstresses and she tells me how at the time synthetic fabrics were just starting to show up and they were very attractive due to their economical cost.

She had brought to her honeymoon some of her pretty dresses and her high heel shoes to then discover they were not very practical for the sight seeing my dad had in mind, especially once they left Mexico City. In the picture she is wearing pants she had brought with her and the very practical oxfords my dad bought her there to make sure she could do all the walking he had in mind. The bag was also another one of his gifts, one that she used for many years, I remember her having it!

My mom tells me that at the time and in Mexico City, among other towns, a woman wearing pants was a no-no. When it was ok for her to wear pants, the guide that my father had hired to take them around Mexico would let my mom know and she then would change. I love the look on her face in this picture where she is coming out of the lady's room having changed into her bright printed pants.

Of course printed pants are all over the runway for spring and the simple oxford is also very popular; talk about timeless style!

Do you think love of prints runs in families?


  1. Que hermosas fotos! Yo siempre me emociono cuando miro fotos antíguas aunque las cosas en esos años aquí en la isla no tenían nada que ver con otras partes del mundo, por esas fechas habían mucha gente de estas islas que emigraron a Cuba para huir del hambre. Yo misma tengo familia lejana allí. Me encantan los pantalones estampados, son tan veraniegos... yo tengo que pensar que usted heredó la elegancia de su madre.

  2. What a great post! I love your mom's style.

  3. I really enjoyed this "journey through time". Printed pants are awesome!

  4. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your mom in her stylish printed pants. Doesn't it look like the lady in the green dress is giving her a "look" in the photo where she has just changed. So funny. Your printed pants look great too!

  5. I think it is interesting that you could wear any item of your mother's 1959 wardrobe today.

  6. A very nice story and beautiful pictures of your mom. She was wearing a great outfit and it could be indeed copied and pasted into this season - flower printed pants and pink :-)

  7. Su mama es muy bonita. Tambien, me gusta la ropa mucho! Su mama le ha ensenado bien a usted.

  8. This is awesome! Your mother is beautiful! I love the photos. :)


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