Friday, March 02, 2012

My Image magazine/ La revista Mi Imagen

I have been meaning to share with you that the folks over at My Image magazine contacted me to offer me a free issue of their newest magazines. Here is what they said

If you are interested in trying our magazines, we can offer you
2 FREE COPIES! (Normal price in the US: $9.95 per copy)

You can order them in our WEBSHOP. Use coupon code FREE4BLOGS to get 100% discount!

- Offer is valid for the new Summer '12 editions and until Febr 12!
- We have to ask a shipping fee to make this offer possible for us.
(The standard postal rate from Europe to the US of €5,49 for 1 magazine or €9,95 for both).
- PayPal payment in USD is possible.
- Please write your blog name in the company field.

If you've received the magazines, we hope you'll write a (short) announcement or review on your blog to support us. If you send us the link of this announcement, we will "reward" this with 1 FREE IMAGEWEAR PATTERN (normal price: €8,95).

We hope this offer is interesting enough to let you try our new magazines. We believe in them, all we need is some people who do also :-) Everyone with a sewing blog can profit from this offer, so you can also send this offer to friends if you like!

I have  already received my copy and I'm looking forward to making up the garments. My Image patterns are similar in sizing to Burda Style. The patterns are easier to trace since there are less patterns included per sheet (the magazine has 16 patterns).

I already made a dress/tunic from their first Winter issue and I was very happy with the result.

La revista My Image/Mi Imagen me ofrecio mandarme dos revistas (yo solo pedi una) gratis (piden que uno pague por el envio postal). Tambien dijeron que podia compartir la oferta con mis lectores pues ellos son una compania pequena que esta tratando de darse a conocer. Solo tienen que usar el coupon FREE4BLOGS cuando pogan la orden aqui. Ya yo he usado sus patrones y me gustaron.

La oferta es para la revista de mujeres y la de ninos de primavera/verano. Espero que la aprovechen!


  1. Muchisimas gracias por la información Lisette!

  2. The code is not working for me :(

  3. Arlene, I will let them know.


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