Monday, September 17, 2012

This and that

Yesterday afternoon I took time off. Time off from computer, exercising, cooking, get the idea. I sat on the couch and read magazines that had been piling on the mail table (Vogue Knitting, Vogue Patterns...didn't get to the new Burda!) and I finished reading the book for my book club. The book is the Paris Wife by Paula McLain and I enjoyed it very much. I will review it later over at Goodreads; although it is fiction it deals with Ernest Hemingway's first wife. Don't you love the shirtdress on the cover?

Courtesy of
I have been blocking the cardigan I'm knitting and now when I am reading to start putting it together to finish it.
 Filati Cardigan

I also will finish this quirky and fun little cushion I crocheted.

The pattern comes from Attic 24

I also cut a beautiful silk to make Burda   which I already had traced but because of the cut on sleeves I couldn't find wide enough fabric to use for it.  The silk is from Metro Textiles from a couple of years ago. I was very nervous cutting this out, my first time on a slippery silk. Of course I have used Bemberg rayon for many linings  but never silk.

I found a nice velvet at Joann's to use for my son's wizard hat. Rhonda was very generous in offering me her quilted fabric, but my son was set in black with blue accents. I will have to quilt the fabric to get the look he wants.

While at Joann's I saw that they had quilt fabrics on sale and I couldn't resist on getting these

they will be a quilt for my in-renovation bedroom. By the way if painting was just about painting it would be a piece of cake, the priming is what is killing me.

Today I'm working on the wizard's hat, since my son is home from school I will be able to try on the pattern and see how it fits him.

Happy sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting and reading everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see your blouse. It's going to be gorgeous!
    Good luck on the painting! I still can't figure out how people manage to paint a room in the space of a week-end.

  2. You´ve been realy busy. I´m also getting a bit side- tracked with reading. I´m off to see the books you´ve read, I just realized the little square ;)

  3. Great projects. Look forward to seing your version of the hat!

  4. Lots of good work going on Chez Lisette!

  5. That blouse fabric is lovely .I found that using pattern weights was the answer when cutting out anything silky .I was given some by an old friend who had retired from the fashion industry . They are a long piece of steel with a handle on them . They are FANTASTIC
    Old irons with the cord cut off work well as well.

  6. Good luck with the painting! Your cardigan is going to be lovely :)
    Thank you so much for the compliment on Mum's vest, i shall be sure to pass it on to her

  7. You seemed very busy during your time off! How fun -- those types of time off days are the best!


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