Friday, March 01, 2013

Burda 7686 Glinda's bolero

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone has been well and sewing up a storm so that when I'm done at the end of the month I'll have tons of posts to read!

Tomorrow Glinda's bolero is going to go to the theater room and to its garment bag so I took a couple of pictures to show you.

 Burda patterns rock, even in a simple little jacket they add details that make such a different, in this case darts in the back to bring in the hem close to the body, darts in the sleeves for comfort and better fit. You can see that there's an opening in the back of the jacket, it is there because the flight harness needs to come out.

The fabric is a poly-organza from Joann's (there is a lot of glitter in the special occasion isle!) In the picture below you can see better the silver dots all over the fabric and the sparkly clear and pink gems I added on the edges (finished with self made bias binding ,poly satin from Joann). Yeap, I thought they were self sticking ones, but they weren't so I glued them individually and I alternated between the colors. I know I'm insane but doesn't it look pretty? All I kept thinking was how pretty it will look under the lights.

I have made 5 capelets, will start on the rest tonight since I received the fabric from Joann's yesterday (white ponte).

Happy March to all (in case I don't make it back here soon!)


  1. Quedo bien lindo el bolerito! Happy March to you too! Pero...apurate que te extrañamos.

  2. How fun to use so much bling on these costumes! And how lucky of the theater dept to have you!

  3. You're a good woman to make these costumes. This looks great.

  4. You have so much patience to individually glue those jewels! It really will sparkle on stage, though.

  5. Very beautiful!


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