Thursday, March 28, 2013

What has kept me busy up to now!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be back to blogging and soon back to sewing for me!

The show was a tremendous success! We had 6 shows, one only open to elementary schools in the area and 5 to the public, out of the public shows 3 were sold out. At the last show people bought tickets knowing they would have to stand to see the the show!

I will show you pictures taken during one of the dress rehearsals taken by the photographer who did a fantastic job capturing it all.

I hope you enjoy!

Dorothy's costume was made using Simplicity 4136. Of course all the bias binding I did was my addition and I loved how it turned out. The dress fitted perfectly with no fittings issues the first time I tried it on!

All fabrics came from Joann and the trim was in my stash.

I was originally going to make the Cowardly lion's costume but the basic costume from the company we rent from was okay so we kept it and enhanced it. The wig was purchased by the school, I made new mittens and then added strips of the mitten fur to the shoulder fur piece and the shoe covering, as well as enhancing the tail to incorporate the new fur pattern all over the costume.

Here is what we got from the rental company for the Tin Man, poor guy looked like a spaceman...

 This is how I transformed him.

I took pieces from different patterns that featured gladiators and knights and I added the vest, boots a new funnel (which my husband sprayed painted for me!), we gave him silver gloves and I made him a bow tie to keep with the traditional look of the movie. The mom who was helping me added the silver electrical tape for additional texture.

Scarecrow looked fine we added raffia cuffs  and a burlap sash.

I made the burlap cape for when Cowardly lion gets crowned

I used Burda 7686 to make the jacket. The beautiful actress sparkled on stage!

Here you can see the rosettes I added to Glinda's dress to cover the buckles that strapped her for security purpose when she was flying in her  bubble. One of the talented actors made them for me! Her dress was too tight on her so I spent a good chunk of time adding in a v shaped pieced at center back because there were no seam allowances to speak of at the sides. The dress a friend of the director's had donated it to the production.

Using Butterick 6411 view A I made 18 capelets out of white ponte roma knit from Joann's for the poppies when Glinda covers them with snow. They moved beautifully on stage and the dancers loved them.

Along with the other mom we came up with the design for the crows and trees. We made feather accessories for the neck, wrists and ankles and the hats were decorated with feathers and sunflowers for the crows.

 The trees got hats with branches and apples and gloves with detachable apples that they could throw at the Scarecrow and Dorothy in one of the scenes. We wanted chic costumes and I think we got them!

I modified all costumes used for those actors that would be flying Glinda, the bad witch, the monkeys. I replaced zippers, hemmed and accessorized. Last minute I made a quick cover/quilt for Dorothy's bed, for the twister scene, that tied the yellow brick road to her bedroom (it had a yellow wide stripe in the center)

Here are a few more pictures of the show

Cool special effects

Scary flying monkeys

We had it all and I am so glad I got to be part of it!


  1. Wow! Oh wow!! I can see how much you put into these costumes.. They look fantastic!!

  2. IMPRESIONANTE!!!! Me encantaron las fotos! Quedaron preciosisimos todos los trajes! FELICIDADES Lisette!!!

  3. WOW! You have done an amazing job. You must be very proud.

  4. Amazing!!! All that hard work paid off. You did a beautiful job. I hope you can get some rest and relax now.

  5. Very impressive, you did a wonderful job. So many costumes, and so pretty! Everyone has put so much energy in the shows, you can see that very well.

  6. What an amazing job you did! I loved seeing all the pictures of the production.

  7. So amazing! All of the costumes turned out beautifully -- and so creative! I still can't believe you made all of those capelets! Thank you for sharing the photos -- it looks like a professional production. Great job!

  8. Wow. What an amazing amount of work, but also an amazing result. Everyone looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing in such detail. And now, back to sewing for you. I'm going to guess your first project won't be a capelet.

    1. Nope...a knit dress is calling me =)

  9. Take a bow...and an encore!

  10. Wow! great job! It looks a superb costuming feat!

  11. Oh my goodness, I'm tired just reading about it! The costumes looked incredible. I can't believe the transformation on the Tin Man especially. You really snatched victory from the jaws of pathetic defeat on that rental. Wonderful job!

  12. Lisette! Casi me pierdo esta maravilla! Gracias por las fotos, son espectaculares! Hace un par de años fuí a ver esta obra al teatro con los niños y su vestuario no le llegaba ni de lejos! Me has dejado impresionadísima! Eso si...vaya trabajo duro.
    Ahora coserás algo para ti, no? te lo mereces!

  13. How wonderful! All the costumes look great!


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